C6's elegant side-chaining.. Gangnam Style

Aloha guys,

Remember what it feels like when you learn to do something in your DAW
and then you don’t do it for a long time and one day you need to do it again
and you end up saying to yourself, "now how did I do that before?’
(it’s manual time etc)

Well I don’t do a lot of this type of music so it is really nice when
all works so smoothly.

Have a friend here that performs as a solo act using ‘tracks’ (music minus one)
live on stage.

I have done a number of tracks for him before
so he asked me to do GStyle as a track as part of his show.
Yes he dances.

When he gave me a copy from which to ‘lift’ the tune,
the 1st thing I noticed was that ‘pumping’ effect
of the instruments and drums/perc.

No prob using C6 and in a few hours I had it done but
I then thought that ‘back-in-the-day’ of no side chaining in Cubase,
this project would have been much much harder and way more complicated.

If fact I might not have been able to successfully do it at all
but now with Cubase, side chaining is elegant and straight forward.

And I did not have to RTFM at all. Nicely done Steiny.

??? sidechaining is one of the most broken aspects of Cubase. It only works with itself. I still have to use the old f’d up quadra channel solution 99% of the time.

what exactly is broken about sidechaining? i dont use it much for anything but signal A ducking signal B (but that i use pretty much all the time), but that works flawlessly even with big “ducking networks” spread accross the mix.

not trying to be a smartass here at all, just curious which aspect of sidechaining is broken…so i know how to avoid it :slight_smile:

pick just about any non-Steinberg compressor and side chain it, then get back to me on how elegant it is.

mind telling me what happens? not in the studio right now…

(either way, good to know)

Sure, what happens is you can’t

You can sidechain VST3 compressors that have a dedicated sidechain input just as elegant as you can the Cubase own ones…
Obviously you can´t sidechain plugins that don´t have sidechain inputs - just like “real life”.
And VST2 must be done the “complicated” way, but usually works.

There are very few of these. The list of compressors that implement VST3 side-chaining is extremely short. That was my point. To my knowledge you can count them on less than one hand.

And VST2 must be done the “complicated” way, but usually works.

I said that it could be done the quadra way … which is, as I said, far from elegant.

The lack of plugins simply is not exactly something I (personally) would call a “broken aspect of Cubase”. That’ s what I was trying to say…

It’s broken because they invented an implementation that didn’t need inventing. Side chaining is directly supported by other hosts between tracks. Only Cubase has decided that it has to be done at the plug level specifically for Cubase. The implementation is not directly portable to other hosts. In other words, they are asking programmers to write code in a generic implementation spec to a specific host implementation. Which is the opposite of what the spec is supposed to be for.