C7.0.1 Windows Crashing - is this a video problem?

I am getting many crashes now with C 7.0.1 on my Windows machine. I’ll just about do anything, just select a midi track and I’ll get the “A serious problem has occurred. Please try to save your project, etc.” And often I have to restart the machine to get it back to work again.

One thing I have noticed is that it could be related to the inspector being open. When the inspector is open in the project window, crashes occur often, it seems that when I close the inspector window (if I can get it closed without crashing) the problems go away or at least occur far less frequently.

I noticed similar behavior a while ago with the Mix console. If the channel selector was open, the program seemed much less stable, crashes…

Could this be a video driver issue?

I have had the same video card (MSI R5450) for a couple of years. With Cubase 5 and 6 I never had any issues like this.

I have submitted a support request ticket with Steinberg. We’ll see what happens…

What is the GPU model?

Radeon HD 5450

By the way, the “My Steinberg” site is somehow having trouble saving changes to user’s signature. I am running Cubase 7.0.1

Signature is a known problem.

Are you using the most up to date driver for your video card?

yeah, I updated it today, then restarted then tried to use Cubase again. Opened a project (with the inspector open/enabled) and selected a midi track and it gave me the “serious problem” message. I restarted, opened that same file, turned off/disabled the inspector before i did anything else, then selected the same midi track and… no crash. didn’t really take it much further than that but with the inspector open, selecting the midi track gave the same error several times in a row. hmmm.

Try starting Cubase in Safe Mode

This sounds like the ‘Plug in instrument problem’ I am having which I posted below.

Interestingly, I also posted a ‘Video problem’ at the same time, so maybe they are linked.

Very interested to see how this progresses.

I’m pretty sure i have a graphics problem since whenever i start Cubase 7.01 ALL other graphics are locked and disabled. I can’t even get back to my windows desktop, because all graphics that are not cubase are inactive and soon after cubase will grind to a halt. If i quit cubase it fixes the problem.

I have of course updated all drivers and so on. I’ve never had a problem like this with ANY other program before.

I’m on Win 7 64 bit using Nvidia Geforce GTX 460.

As emotive suggested, I did try starting Cubase in Safe Mode. I opened the same project that had consistently given me this error when simply clicking on a midi track and the problem wasn’t there.

Rather than trash all of my preferences, I decided to look around myself at the differences between my preferences and the ones loaded with Safe Mode. In “Device Setup” I noticed that in the safe mode preferences, “Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme” was unchecked and it was checked in my preferences. I unchecked it and at the moment, I have not seen the error message. I haven’t done much with it so “the night is young” as it were.

If I don’t return to this thread, it’ll probably mean that was the culprit.

Thanks, emotive!

Thanks all…Resetting my preferences in safe mode solved my problems!!!

Original problem posted under ‘Plug in instrument problem’