C7.0.6 mono to stereo plugin

If I insert a “mono to stereo plugin” on a mono track, like for instance the IR-1 waves (I have the version 8) there are not stereo informations and the track stays as mono as it was.

not a bug…you need to move the mono audio event(s) to a stereo track

Hiya again Dream,

Adam is spot on, but you could also create a stereo group channel with the stereo FX there and route/send the mono track to it.
With a CPU hog like impulse reverb, you can send heaps of tracks to the one verb instance using way less CPU cycles.


Thanks again for your tips guys. :slight_smile:

I was already doing what you, Paul, suggested, I was just hoping in something faster. For instance if on a mono track in ProTools I add a “mono to stereo plug” PT changes automatically the track from mono to stereo after that plugin, keeping mono what was in mono before in the chain, which is really fast.

Adam, I didn’t know about that possibility, I think it’s gonna work faster for me. Do I just need to drag the event over a stereo track?

It would be great to have this in Cubase as well! I’m often spending way to much time, when I go from mono to stereo on a track, having to create a new stereo track myself, or creating a send to a new fx-channel. It’s been years since I last worked in Protools, but that feature is something I miss to this day.

You can still use stereo tracks only.

Yeah, I know. But most of the stuff I work on, is sound design for games and that means a lot of importing sounds via mediabay. Some of these sounds are mono, and cubase will automatically create a mono track for them.

Also in my head it doesn’t make much sense having a monaural sound on a stereo channel. And I often use the track’s stereo/mono symbols to keep track of which tracks are what. When working on a specific sound (eg. an underwater explosion) it’s not uncommon to have 8-10 tracks full of booms and another 8-10 full of bubbles. Some of these are almost alike except some are stereo others are mono (which again gives them VERY different functions as building blocks to a new sound). The stereo/mono symbol really helps me here.

This was a good feature of older versions of Cubase (SX3 for instance), but now the number of channels of a track is dictated when you create the track and it can’t be changed thereafter.

+1 from me to implement something which allows us to change this please.


I concur, that would be an excellent feature to have, would make the work flow much more efficient.

I rarely create mono tracks anymore.


Although I am using 7.5.10, this seems to be the post most relevant to my question.

I record a vocal on a mono track. I insert the Izotope Nectar plugin. Its reverb, delay, etc., are stereo, but my track is not.

How should I best use Nectar here? I have no problem creating FX sends, but it does not make much sense to me to have Nectar as a send.

What am I missing?

For me it depends on what effect you’re using or needing…

If it’s specific for only the one track then use it as an insert, and in this case you need to create a new stereo track and copy the mono track to the stereo track (I think that’s what you need because the track type e.g. stereo/mono/5.1 is fixed when you create the track…).

Or if you’re using an ambient reverb type then you’d be better off with a send, and then you may well use it for other instruments, which’ll help the track gel together too.

In terms of processing power, it makes no different using insert or send, but the point of sends is that you can route more than one track to the same effect, that can’t be done using inserts of course because you’ll use up your processing power by adding too many effects.