C7.5 - Combining Lanes and Track Versions when comping!

I must not understand how this is quicker, faster, or better.

At step #2 why not just “duplicate track” instead of the new feature “duplicate version?”

Then re-name the duplicated track something different than the first track.
Then do your 2 comps as you said and then you end up with 2 completed comps that you can compare.

What am I missing out on here?

If you duplicate the track, you will duplicate any plugins used (taking up CPU power) and you will clutter up your arrange page so Track Versions seems a more elegant solution,

I see a version as a complete and finished track, not as a work in progress. In other words, you only select versions when you’re mixing down. Personally, I don’t see the benefit of using lanes and versions at the same time.

Thanks, Bredo, for outlining the possible workflow!

Have some drum recordings today and it sounds like track versions will prevent the mess we easily can create if we decide to do new recordings on already comped takes.

Yep, this is where these Track Versions will shine - less clutter, more manageable projects.

Cheers to Bredo too, for this thread…!

Create Lanes from Versions!

1 - use versions as takes (like protools)( vrs 1 = take 1; vrs 2 = take 2)
2 - if you want to comp, use: Project/TrackVersions/Create Lanes From Versions.
3 -The App will create a new version with all takes, and you can comp like before.

The advantage, as I see, is that you will keep the takes in a more organized way.
Just another approach.

That’s sweet. I hadn’t got that far into it yet and I see that you can also create versions from lanes

Wow. :slight_smile:

That does make sense.

Any other differences between Track Versions and comping with lanes in the Audio Part editor?

Can you elaborate on this a bit? When would you choose Track Version instead of Audio part editor? You mentioned when doing cycle recording for example a vocalist. I would think this would also apply to a drum track, but you suggested Track Version for the drum track.

Maybe if I had more time I could play with 7.5 but haven’t had much of a chance yet.

OK !
Who are You ??

What have You done to the real “Bredo” ??

you need to say the magic word to see “old” Bredo… “MixConsole control room” :laughing:

Great thread bredo, for multi tracking drums or say piano with 4 mics etc… its best to use playlists, cuz recording multi mic lanes over multiple takes is a mess as bredo said.
also recording different ideas with playlist is good especially for not cluttering the project window with many tracks just for ideas of the same instrument.later its possible to decide which to leave and also comp the best takes/ideas.(but its too obvious :wink: )
of topic : i like greg’s tut videos :sunglasses:

This does make much more sense. The Steinberg video I watched was not “advanced” and my overall feeling was that Track Versions was the new way to do comping. In that video there was no mention of the Audio Part Editor so naturally I thought Steinberg might be phasing that out. :mrgreen:

So for multiple tacks, Track Versions seems to be the ticket.

Single tracks, such as a vocalist, using the Audio Part Editor with lanes.

For a while, I too didn’t do comping in the Audio Part Editor because Steinberg screwed it up in a prior version, but later corrected their ways.

Yep, never used lanes for drum / band recording.
The track versions do indeed sound like a viable solution !

Sadly, I’ll have to wait, 'till the current Cubase catches up to the speed of the ‘pro’ version : 6.5.5 !


I don’t know why you and some other people believe that track version is better suited to comping than lanes. IMHO, it isn’t at all. It’s a tool to have multiple completed tracks with different ideas on but the very same settings, without having to duplicate tracks (and that considerably reduced my overall track count.) Lanes + the new re-recording feature is absolutely perfect for comping.

yes its very powerful and useful in cenarius like the sentence i have highlighted from your post.
regarding comping
maybe you are not working the same way others work (Bredo for example) who records a Real drums set(or real band playing the same room with mic bleed everywhere) with many mic setup which every take could have 10 mic routed to 10 tracks playing the same take (the same versions).
so when comping multi takes is concern .

1:lanes comping is better when recording several takes on single track,and comping them with comp lanes

2: track version is more suited for comping multiple track recording(Bredos multiple mic drums setup) so each take from the 10 drum tracks have their same own version… try that with regular lanes and its a mess… (although possible with lane comping but its clutter,harder and can lead to many comping mistakes)

you definitely dont want Kick from take one playing at the same time with snare from take 2 and overhead from take 3
you can imagine the mic bleed problems from take to take and phasing issues !

now imagine this with all band playing the same song with all bleeding from mics and recording 24 tracks with 6 different takes for a song… now track versions comping comes to shine !! :wink:

Nicely worked out and explained Bredo, do I sense your warming to (parts) of the new release :slight_smile:

Are you using the PT keyboard layout key commands btw? quite handy for some one who uses/has used a lot of PT over the years :slight_smile:

Track Versions for Voice Track.

Before Track Versions I used to save a copy of the recorded track before any editions (duplicating and putting the track disabled in a Folder - Archived Tracks ). This way, I always have the original take. (just in case :slight_smile:

Now, after recording the voice , I just duplicate the version 1 for edit.
So I do all the necessary edit (like pitch, copy and past, stretch…) .
I can even duplicate the edited version to bounce the entire track.

At the end:
vrs1 = Original vox
vrs2 = edited vox
vrs3 = bounced vox

Very easy to go back to the original. It’s a kind of permanent history.

After 3 days using Track Versions, I’ll never more live without it :slight_smile:

I haven’t yet upgraded but I will. I can see right now that the track version will be most useful to me for quick duplication and archiving as MGil says. I like that idea because at the mo I’m constantly duplicating tracks or rubber banding oddles of raw takes before comping, or likewise grouping comped takes before bouncing. Very tidy, can’t wait to upgrade!