C7.5 fresh install...Missing Padshop/Retroloque

Hello people,

I did a fresh win 8 installation with c7.5 but I can’t see anywhere padshop and retroloque.

Can anybody explain?

Thank you

Open Cubase’ “plugin information” windows, and look for the two plugins under the “VST plugins” tab, just to make sure if Cubase sees them. If they’'re not there, Cubase will not see them.

Not sure what OS you’re using. But if windows, check that you have the retroloque, padshop synths installed here:
Open your filemanager.

if you’re using 32bit, check if the .vst3 synths are there:
“C:\program files (x86)\common files\VST3\steinberg\padshop\padshop.vst3”
“C:\program files (x86)\common files\VST3\steinberg\retrologue\retrologue.vst3”

“C:\program files\common files\VST3\steinberg\padshop\padshop.vst3”
“C:\program files\common files\VST3\steinberg\retrologue\retrologue.vst3”

If the synths aren’t found, I would try to install the synths again as an administrator of your computer.


Hi and thank you,

i’ve checked the

“C:\program files\common files\VST3\steinberg\padshop\padshop.vst3”
“C:\program files\common files\VST3\steinberg\retrologue\retrologue.vst3”

paths and there are no plugins.The same with C7 plugin information .

Seems that there hadn’t installed at all.

Okay, then you won’t find them in Cubase. I think I’d try the installer again, and then run the installer as an administrator (right click on the installer, and select - run as admin…). I’m not sure if this would help anything, but it could be. Also make sure, that you select “64bit” if you want to use the 64bit version of Cubase and/or 32bit, if you wanna use the 32bit version.

But check the directory again after installation, just to confirm that the synths are there :slight_smile:

Did you download the complete version or the upgrade version? The upgrade version (my version from 7.0 to 7.5) was about 900MB. That’s not anywhere close to the full product!

If you did have a full download… Can you provide a link maybe? I’d love a full version on my harddrive, in case of emergency :slight_smile:

I was noticing that Padshop and Retrologue only show up in Instrument Track selections - not as a Rack Instrument option.

Maybe since they’re not multi output?


It also fooled me. Both instrument tracks and rack instruments can be added from the VST instrument window. You have to click on the horizontal bar that says - “instrument tracks rack instrument”, just below the add instrument track button. I also think you can use the right mouse button over the tool bar.

I only use instrument tracks now, as you can add x amount of outputs for multi out instruments. I normally never go into the rack now.



I don’t think it is a full version as you say.It is a 900 mb installer with the Halion Sonic Se package (aprox. 3,2 gb) from the steinberg link that I 've got after payment. Is there another full installer that I am missing?

I don’t think that it matters.

No retroloque padshop here. Can Anyone fron Steinberg give an answer to this?


is there a chance that I need the previous 7.0.6 installer?

I did a fresh win 8 install with just the 7.5 installer (900mb) and the halion sonic se content.No C7.0.6 at all.

Hi lol,

you have to install either Cubase 7 full and then the update, or just go for the Cubase 7.5 full from our website.


Done. Thank You

Here you are