C7.5: Selection view time , possible ?

Hi Fellow Cubasers,

I was wondering ; When in Project Window, is it possible to view the length of a selection as time ?
So let’s say i make a horizontal selection with the Select Tool, can i somehow / somewhere see how long that selection is in minutes/seconds ?

Hope 2 hear from you,


Aloha R,


Thanks for bringing this issue.
I have been wanting something like this for a while now.

Unless someone here knows how to do this,I imagine the ‘Feature Request’ forum
to be the place for your post.

I think you’re only seeing this while dragging if I’m not mistaken.

Just for my own clarification, what are you referring to?

Are you saying that when you lasso multiple objects you want the total time from the beginning of the first selected object to the end of the last?

Also, have you played with the Range tool?

use have to use the Range tool, and switch the timeline resolution to “seconds”. the default keycommand to toggling the timeline between beats&bars, and seconds, is “.” (ie. the dot/fullstop.)

Wow, many thx lucasbrooklyn, exactly what i was looking for !!

+1 here as well.

np. also handy is using the snapping to events while doing this, so you can precisely snap to the edges of your selection. crucial when checking your cue is an exact amount of time when working for TV for example.

Good tip, thanx !