C7.5 won't start and stop GA4

This seems like it should be a very simple question, but I cannot figure out how to get GA4 to start playing when I hit play in Cubase 7.5. I just want some simple grooves to start writing music, but it seems like every time I hit play in Cubase, GA4 won’t start playing until I hit play on the GA4 transport. This cannot be right! What magic do I need to get Cubase and GA4 to work together? Thanks!


I don’t know what you’re trying,
but I think you need to create some midi notes which triggers the pads you want to play.
I don’t think its possible to start a Jam or Pattern in Groove Agent when you press play in Cubase.

Steinberg has awknowleged a disappointing no sync to host. Please fix this Steinberg. http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=62672

Cubase needs to tell GA4 what groove to play. Did you instruct it to do this?

Thanks, that seems like exactly the problem. Disappointing for sure, especially given how easy it was to get a quick project thrown together with GA3. It seems this is just a (hopefully only currently) lousy setup for inspiration.

Hi all,

“Follow transport” will definitely be implemented in the next update. Please have a little patience.

Great, thanks!