C7 64bit crashes loading 6.5 songs. (found problem)


Some of my tracks I saved in Cubase 6.5 refused to load in Cubase 7. I have spent a while deleting things to find out the issue:

It was one single track (among 200 or so) causing it, which when I deleted it loaded fine in C7. (quite possibly a mono track from an earlier version). Looking at the track inspector you see the panner was greyed out, it said “no panner”. I believe that was triggering a BUG in C7 when it was loading.

I also noted that I had no option to add a mono audio track - dunno if thats related.

Anyway just a heads up for any of you who are trying to load tracks which crash C7 most ungracefully.

I’m not sure backward compatibility is Steinberg’s thing so I doubt this will be fixed in C7.


Thank you. I’m sure I’ll encounter this at some point down the track.