C7 and 7.5 in the same computer

Hi there,

I have C7 and C7.5 installed in the same computer, using 7.5 for new projects and 7 for those started in C7, just to avoid surprises with Customer’s jobs.
I can run one or the other, no problem. I wonder if I could install 7.07 anyway, without affecting anything in 7.5

Should I?

Thanks and regards,

Aloha M,

No probs here with C7.07 and C7.5.10 running fine on the same ax.

(Got C5.5 and C6.5 running as well).

Good Luck!

I have 6.5, 7, element 7 and cubase 7.5. Which is the most stable and the best… 6.5 and 7.5 have been the most stable for me :smiley: