C7 and Reason 6 REWIRE


I haven’t used Reason in quite some time. Just recently I had a client bring in a reason project. When I went to devices I could no longer find the rewire option in the dropdown. I open Cubase first then open Reason like I remember having to do back in the day. Any suggestions? Thanks

Are you using a PC or MAC? Also, are you running the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Cubase? what “bit” version of Reason 6 are you using?

Sounds like you are trying to use 32bit Reason with 64bit Cubase (or vice versa)? Install the 64bit version of Reason and it will work.

Thanks for the reply guys. Went to the prop shop, dowloaded 6.5.3. re-installed Reason and its now there. Think i was using the 32 version of Reason with 64 cubase.