C7 Artist crashes when loading project

I have a problem with a small and simple project, I created it and saved it in C7 but when I try to open it C7 crashes. The .bak files crashes as well. I can open the project in C6.5(!)

Please let me now how to create a crash dump file or something for you guys to look at. I have tried starting C7 in safe mode but that didn’t help or give me any clues.

My setup:
Cubase Artist 7.0
Yamaha UR28M (with latest drivers from Steinberg)
Windows 7 64bit

I am a software developer myself, and I must say getting these crashes (it has happened before) without any kind of clue, message or information what so ever is really low quality, imo. It’s not acceptable, period.

Anyway, thanks in advance.

try to use 32bit. 64bit makes a lot of vst instruments crash

Crash DMP file will be at: C:/users/user name/my documents/steinberg/crash dumps

Also as usually advised trash preferences

Thanks for your response.

I am attaching the dmp file. Can someone please have a look?

I am using Halion Sonic 1.6.0 (64 bit) in this project. And as I said, everything works in C6.5 64 bit with the VSTs.

And regarding the preferences; I know I can start Cubase without them but can I load a project without them?

Cubase Artist 2013.1.9 21.55.zip (139 KB)

Yes, you can load the project. Cubase will reset the prefs back to original specs when you launch it.

I have now tried these actions:

  • Deleting the Defaults.xml file.
  • Starting the problem project in safe mode disabling program changes.

Did not help.

This bug seems to be related to Halion Sonic 1.6.0. I don’t get these crashes using Halion Sonic SE.

Is there a compability issue between Cubase 7 Artist and Halion Sonic, both 64 bit?