C7 crackles when pulling up a rectangle

Anyone else whith this?
While a project is playing back, pull up (draw) a rectangle (to select parts for example) or to zoom-select an
area in the project window with the magnifier tool.
It produces some crackles in the playback that stop at once when the selection is released again. :question:
Not the case in C6.5.4
No big showstopper, just curious if that is just me. Other than that, all is going nicely with C7.0.1, love it!

Best, Falkomat
Win8 32bit, 4Gb, Focusrite Saffire Pro24

Yeah, I’ve noticed that too when editing in the key editor. When I click to begin selecting some notes I get a crackle, but only at the initial click not through the drag to select multiple notes. Doesn’t always happen, maybe 2/3rds time it does. Functionally not a big deal, but annoying when it does.

Old thread but this just happened to me for the first time. I am working in 32 and 64 samples buffer. Never noticed anything like this before? Used the rectangle to grab multiple midi notes in the key editor and I get cracking sounds until I release them. Before I do any trouble shooting just wanted to check around the forums first. Any ideas? Only had 3 vsti instruments going in project. 2 Addictive keys and addictive drums.

Sounds like some DPC Latency to me. See if it goes away with 96 or 128 buffers. Update your graphics driver or try the integrated graphics, should be fine with the 4770k actually…
And disable any network devices in your system.

Good luck,

Aloha F, Shot in da dark here.

Years back I had a similar prob.

Turned out to be one of my monitors ‘packing its bags to head south’.

Only in Cubase (go figure) but doing some mouse stuff on the screen made this awful noise in the speakers.
And all the while I thought it was a Cubase problem.

I moved the speakers away from the monitors the the noise diminished.
Got two new monitors and problem solved.

Those pieces of gear did not play well together.
Hope you get it solved.

Good Luck!

Sounds like a USB issue. Have you got any synths or soundcards using USB? Does changing the buffer size change the frequency of the crackles?