C7 "forgets" VST 2.x plug-in path


I’m running Cubase 7.01 on a brand new Windows 8 Dell. Besides Cubase I have installed Komplete 8 Ultimate from NI and a bunch of freeware VST’s and thats it.

It worked like a charm for a week but now suddenly Cubase “forgets” the plugin-in path that I have set up. On my system the Komplete vst’s are installed in C:\Program Files\Native Instruments and that is also the folder that I have added in the “Plug-in information” - >“VST 2.x Plug-in Paths”. But as I said, now Cubase forgets this path everyday and I have to set it up again (and restart Cubase) before it can find the NI plug-ins. Any ideas on what causes this behavior?

I experienced something like this recently, with tons of different vst’s.

Lets see if 7.0.2 will fix this definitely.



So far it looks like 7.02 fixed it actually. :smiley:
No problems when I booted up today.

Occurred once, since the patch installation.