C7 forum is so quite

All I can say is the .4 update must of satisfied a lot of people , ive never seen it so quite 2 days after an update :wink:

well done steiny

or people are over stressed too much to say or working in their backlog :wink:

true , the quite before the storm ???

I personally think this was the winning update , even some diehards that were staying on 6.5 are moving over :wink:

Or people have lost motivation, to further take part in PPBT

To me, it became obvious, that the V7 mixer will not reach the level of
‘visible_info_at_a_glance’ and ergonomics, of the old mixer.

Steinberg is over their head with an never ending to-do list.
So it’s time to get back to update sleep.

I’m curious, which DAW will finally beat C6.5 ( in a year or two )
I have hopes for C8 but won’t hold my breath.

The race is on …


The thing is thou jan I would of thought Steinberg would need to leave a bigger gap of the release of 8 otherwise they stand to loose a lot of custom IF c7 is just left hanging and there would need to be some major changes in 8 to tempt users to buy it .
Look at the history of updates , I jumped c4 because of the old forum disgust at the way Steinberg went around sorting out the issues and I finally decided to update from sx3 at the later date of c5 when I thought it was safe . But like me there are going to be a lot of new users out there that won’t update unless 7 is up to standard before 8 is released .
Cubase .0 is out the window for me now I will never waste money on a bugged out retail disk which is completely useless ,so if a lot of people think like me how are steingberg going to entice users to buy C8 knowing how bad C7 was at the start .
I think Steinberg are in for a shock if they try to release Cubase 8 to early .
That said (sorry to waffle on) Cubase 7 is coming on nicely ,better late than never I just hope Steinberg learnt something this time .
Its still very quite here :wink:
The mixer does need to lose the white focus ring on the mixer , that will reduce the amount of clicking humongous amounts and the text in some places isn’t clear enough to read properly but that said im happy with it :smiley:

Huh! MC is still a mess, more really annoying problems now than any of the previous release 7’s!

yep, filter,
that’s why I sad “in one or two years”.
Seeing, that Dave is still working for Steinberg … maybe 7.5.4 will by my next ‘daily-version’ …

Good to see, you and most others can finally use C7.
At least that’ll keep Steinberg afloat.

I also skipped C4, btw.
But I’ll probably keep on buying X.0.0 versions, to get ‘my’ issues sorted.