C7 maxes system volume when switching application

Hi forumgoers,

Got a little problem here, topic title says it all really- when I switch out of Cubase and then back, it maxes my volume. Been caught out a few times already, not great when the girlfriend is in bed next door! Anyone else experiencing this? Please tell me there’s a fix!

Is Release ASIO Driver In Background un-checked in Device Setup?

No, it’s checked because I want to be able to hear audio for video tutorials in Safari for example. But I’m guessing you mentioned it because that’s what’s making the volume jump, right?

Does it stay maxed? Because I’ve noticed that when using automation it can take a while for the automation to catch up with the audio that’s being played, i.e. a track which has a volume of zero at the play cursor will sound for a little while, and the time it takes depends on the complexity of the project… But for me this only happens when I press play, not when I’m switching applications.


What’s the audio interface?