C7 mixer HW strip w. MR816CSX - possible bug?

depending on how input channels are assigned the corresponding HW strip will or will not appear in the C7 Mixer HW section. (I’m using the C7.0.1 and MR 1.7.4)

MR Input Channel setup

Case 1:
1-2 stereo
3 mono
4-5 stereo - MR strip does not appear!

Case2: (all strips appear correctly)
1-2 stereo
3-4 stereo
5 mono

Odd behaviour …

/ NiQ

Interesting… I have been unable to get the MR816csx hardware strip to show up in the mixer ever since I updated to Cubase 7.

So your saying that the HW rack option only shows up in “certain/random” track I/O configurations?

I’m going to try a couple different setups to see if I’m able to get the HW option to show up… or atleast recreate the above behavior.


That was supposed to have been fixed with recent updates for C7 and drivers. Working for me.