C7 playback issue...help needed


ok i have no probs with cubase 7 until now !!

ok i have vertually finished my new track ! loaded up tonight and the kick / snare/ hats/ ect are all out of sync with each other during play back, its like they have been placed in the wrong place when making the beat,but they are not, all are in the correct place ie kick and snare and hats are where they are meant to be to make the beat flow nice.
back up file from 2 days ago loads up ok but only half finished track, i try the later back up and have the same problem.
buffer is 1024 as its always been bit rate is 24bit as its always been.
i have not changed a thing ! all was ok when i saved the track last night.
so im not sure what has happend…any idears guys ??

midi plays fine in the track and other audio files play ok too…its just the beat that is out of sync its really odd.

Thanks G

You know what would be really nice? If you would tell the rest of us - who arent mind readers, btw - if the the kick / snare/ hats/ ect are MIDI triggering a VI, or audio.

It would also be really nice if you told us - assuming it is MIDI - what VI is being triggered.

Thanks J

Thanks for the reply but sometimes it’s hard to get over your point via a email after banging my head against the wall for a hour or so :frowning: sorry about that ill try and explain better.
The kick snare hats ect all occupy there own channel, they where originally 1 complete audio sample which I chopped up to make my own beat as did not like the arrangement they where in, so they are just audio samples and not triggered by any midi, I just simply chopped up the original sample and put the kick snare ect across 3 channels.
I really appreciate any help with this as I’m not a cubase 7 mastermind.

Thanks G

So you imported one audio file, that you chopped up into smaller events, and put one event at bar 1 (for ex.), the next event at bar 2, the next event at bar 3, the next event at bar 4, and so on.

You saved and closed the project, and the next time you opened it, the first event is no longer at bar 1, the next event is no longer at bar 2, the next event is no longer at bar 3, etc… is that what you are saying? That’s impossible.

Unless I am misunderstanding?

Did you accidently pushed the tempo fixed button?

Ah, there’s an idea.

On that note, did you switch the timebase from musical to linear, or vice-versa?


It’s very odd !! The tempo is 174 and the fix tempo button has not been activated, and the events are all the same, also bang on target all in the correct places for kick and snare and hats, I really don’t get it at all the other audio plays fine at the time where the beat does not !! you would think that the kick and snare and hats are slightly out of place from each other but they are not they are bang on target!
It’s got to be some thing simple that I have over looked or like u said clicked on something with out realising, it’s such a shame if I can’t sort this out as the track is banging ! I will have a close look again tonight to see if I have missed something !!
I may have to start from the back up from 2 days ago and lose 2 days work :frowning:
These things are sent to try us !

Thanks every 1


Thank u every 1 for all ur tinme and input !! :blush:

The problem was with OZONE 5 stereo epander that was INACTIVE on the snare chanel and although this was switched OFF it was still causing this problem, it was not until i totally removed this plugin from the chanel that the sync problem went away :smiley: i still dont understand how a inactive plugin would cause this but hey all is good now !!

Thanks again for everybodys help u are all very nice people :slight_smile:

Cheers G