C7 plays a few ms of audio before transport bar moves

Hi guys,

Pretty sure this is a fairly straightforward settings thing but googling returns nothing.

When I hit spacebar Cubase plays a short snippet of the END of my loop before starting actual playback from the desired location. This unfortunately is affecting the recording of audio, with tails appearing at what should be the absolute beginning.

Please assist!


Hi, you might have set “preroll” in the Transport Panel. You can swith it off there.

Cheers, Ernst

Hi Ernst, thanks for your reply. Sadly it’s not that simple after all… Looks like it may actually be a VST issue. It’s particularly noticeable when working with Native Instruments’ Maschine software- when I hit “[” (which is my shortcut for ‘playhead to left locator’) the playhead in Maschine actually goes to 4.4.4 instead of 1.0.0. On play I then hear the final 1/16 note of my loop before Maschine catches up with Cubase and plays from the beginning.

I’ve used Maschine with other DAWs in the past and have never encountered this. Hard to tell at this point where the fault is, will have to just work around.

Hi there,

under Project/Project Setup you can define Start/Length or the Display offset/Bar offset.
The offset could be causing the issue, try to change the values.