C7 - RME buffer issue

I can’t seem to get C7 to recognise the buffer size changes I make in my RME HDSP card software. I can change RME software buffer size large or small and it makes no difference to C7. Still works fine in C 6.5. I updated the RME driver but still no luck. C7 op manual no help. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance! JF

Correct ASIO Driver?

Hello JF,

I am running C7 with 2 rme HDSPe Cards on several PCs. All fine.

What do you mean by “C7 doesn’t recognize the buffer changes you make in the rme HDSK Card Software” ? I would like to understand your steps and see how it looks here.

Regards, Mikael

Hi! If C7 is running and I go into the RME control panel and change the buffer size, there is no change in the latency in C7. I’m at a show in an arena today, so not in front of my studio computer, but I believe I have all the settings correct in C7. ASIO driver should be correct and the HDSP is selected as the sound card, etc. When I switch back to Cubase 6.5, the RME control panel buffer changes work fine. I opened both C6.5 and C7 and copied all the settings in the VST device manager.

same issue here with a FF400 with C7, with C6.5 no problem

Did you solve the problem jam2nite?



Running C7.02 with RME ff800, no problems.
Made the latest update to v3071 recently.


Multiface II here with no issues…

FF UFX also without issues, USB and FW.

Multiface here with no issue

well well, i really wonder where it comes from.
i try to release driver when application is in Background and then i m able to change the latency but unfortunately after that nothing is working, the asio dropdown and if i come back to the old latency’s value everything is working again…

ps: driver up to date 3.071

Ok i found a way to get it work,

First have to check Device setup/VST audio System/ Release Driver when Application is in Background.
Second: open rme control Panel, choose the new buffer value, now the trick is you ll have to change the Sample rate to wahtever you want then come back to the one you are working with, for exemple, i m working in 48, i switch to 44 then go back to 48. When you change the sample rate you ll hear little clic means that everything is ok.
Now you get the new buffer size with the new value.
Anyway its a C7.0.2 issue because i dont have any problem in C6.5 and i would like to say that i think, not 100% sure, it was working properly with C7.0.1 .

Hope it gonna help.