C7 Score settings/Lyrics problems

  • Lyrics function doesn’t work properly as cursor is jumping randomly accross the page when used.
  • Underlining doesn’t work.
  • Stored and saved score settings when re-loaded are lost (in same or other project).

I am now forced to use C6 again just for the lyrics!!..


Thanks for posting this problem. Helps me get my sanity back seeing someone else is seeing this: I have the same issue with the cursor jumping around the page when trying to enter lyrics using Tabs to jump to the next note event. Hope 7.02 will fix this…


Yeah, thanks for your input. Let’s hope they’ll do something about it. I tried to put lyrics using C7 in old (C6.5) songs but I also started new songs in C7 from scratch and it makes no difference - neither work in C7.

I’ve found that adding lyrics using the text tab in Score Settings is a much more reliable method than using the Lyrics Tool in the Score Editor.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I submitted a support request about this issue. It took Steinberg two weeks to answer, but then I did receive the information that the problem is recognized and expected to be fixed with 7.0.3.

For what it’s worth, I’m happy for now.