C7 - Send Issue

Hi everyone
I am using C7 along with an SSL Nucleus and have experienced the following issue.

I load an instance of EZDrummer as an Instrument track and route a send from that to an FX track with Reverence loaded and with a pre-set selected; I am using my Nucleus to control the send via its v-pots.

If I use the 1st Send slot in the Instrument track and therefore the 1st V-Pot on the Nucleus I get erratic behaviour where the track will silence when the pots is turned left (decrease) and then comes back with a huge burst of sound. If I use the second Send & V-pot all is well (although strangely toughing the first V/pot still silences the track!).

My first diagnosis was therefore a faulty V-pot…however…If I use an instance of Halion SSE with a pre-set and use the 1st Send & V-pot it is fine.

I have tested multiple new projects setting things up with two Instrument tracks (EZD & Halion) and gone back and forth with the 1st Send & V-pot for each but it always works perfectly for Halion and as described above for EZD.

Could this just be a idiosyncrasy?

Would appreciate your input.

Many thanks