C7: Sound drops out after a while (HaLionSonic issue?)

I’ve got a recurring issue on the group of computers I look after.

Our setup has Cubase 7 with the HALionSonic vst, Tascam US-122L interfaces and midi keyboards connected either by a MIDI-usb cable or a USB A-B Cable, depending on the type of keyboard. We use Instrument Tracks rather than MIDI tracks when inputting MIDI.

We’ve recently been finding that midway though using cubase, the user suddenly stops hearing any sound. Midi inputs show signal, and when you hit ‘play’ all the individual tracks are playing as normal, but the Master out on the transport bar shows no signal. Faders on the mixer are all up as normal.

This also occurs when people open a project that previously worked and is affecting most of our computers at random.

On each occasion I check all the inputs and outputs and everything’s correct. The only fix I’ve found so far, which has about a 60% success rate is to create a whole new set of tracks and transfer all the data, however this is wasting a massive amount of students’ time.

It seems to me that the only possible cause of this is that Halion stops talking to the outputs for some reason - but I can’t find any way to check that out or reset Halion’s outputs (or at least, everywhere I’ve checked has shown up as being fine).

Can anyone suggest a possible cause and fix? It’s getting pretty ridiculous - one Kid hasn’t been able to do work for the last 3/4 hours of copmuter time because of it.



I would expect, there is a common Buffer Size issue. Try to increase the Buffer Size, please. Unfortunately Tascam drivers are very poor, and you have to go to pretty high latency, to get some useful results.

What should the buffer size be, and what should I increase it to?
Also, looking in other threads, people have mentioned checking Halion’s output routing. Can someone tell me how I do this?


If you have sound (and drop-outs), I would say, it’s a routing issue.

Regarding the Buffer Size:

  • Open Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System.
  • Make sure, any ASIO driver is selected.
  • The ASIO driver name apeears bellow the VST Audio System on the left side. Click on it.
  • On the right side, click Control Panel button.
  • Control Panel of your sound card apeears.
  • Now, you have to find the Buffer SIze, or Latency parameter, and increase it.

I cannot say the exact value, it depends on the ASIO driver itself, on your computer, system, condition of your system…

I think it’s a routing issue too to be quite honest. How can I be certain that Halion is correctly routed to the output? It’s becoming a real issue now.

You can be 100% shure, if the signal is audible. :slight_smile: But if can hear the signal, and there are drop outs, then I can’t imagine, how it could happens.

Can you see meters on the Stereo Out bus?

One more idea: Do you have any compressor or limiter or gate on the track (or Output Channel)? If yes, switch it Off.

There are no effects whatsoever. The problem is not that the sound drops out occasionally, the problem is that one minute it is working, the next minute, all the tracks etc on the mixer are showing signal but the output meter on the transport bar shows no signal.

In the most recent case, it occurred simply in the time it took for one person to pass the headphones to the other.

If anyone has even the slightest idea please let me know!


Could you send me the project, somehow, please?

Are you by any chance using Windows 10?

Could check your system via LatencyMon, please?

I have the same problem. I am using cubase 8 and Halion Sonic SE. I was think about upgrading to Halion Sonic 2 but i have a project running Omnishphere, Battery 4, Massive and HS SE. Halion just drops out. I solo the two instruments from HS Se and they come back in after 5 seconds. Unmute everything else and they are gone. None of my other vst do that, only Halion Sonic SE… the one VST that is meant to integrate with cubase !?

I’ve recently been having this same issue but I am NOT using Halion at all in any of the projects. It’s driving me crazy. The only way to “fix” it is to restart Cubase. It’s extremely frustrating Must happen to me 10 or 15 times in a 4 hour time period. I am going to try increasing the buffer size to see if that works as Martin suggested. I’m so incredibly frustrated and I’m finding no answers as to why it’s happening. Please don’t take this the wrong way, however, I am glad to know that someone else is experiencing these issues as well. I’ve felt like I was the only one who was because I could not seem to find anyone who has been having similar problems with Cubase. I really do hope that you find a solution as it’s affecting so many students of yours. If you figure it out please let me know and I will certainly do the same.

Good luck!