C7 takes forever to load

Running a big PCAudiolabs system, fastest processor, 32gb ram, using a MR816X interface. Win 7 64bit etc. no issues with 6.5. C7 seems to hang every time on load when it comes to the midi portion. No outboard midi gear loaded. No issues seen in plugins as missing etc. I have had a couple of issues with crashes and they seem related to the new bridge. Only fix I’ve found is to go to task manager and I always see C7 is unresponsive, wait a few seconds or go back to task manager a couple of times and Cubase will finally load or hit the button to quit the load and before I confirm it will load. When I open C7 on a smaller system, still Win 7 64bit but a little slower processor and only 8gb ram, opens a lot faster but still pretty slow compared to 6.5 and my 6.5 actually has more plugins loaded. Even loads faster on my laptop. Also it seems the update 7.03 only made it slower than ever. It actually takes 10 minutes plus to load. Anybody got any ideas where to find an answer? Thanks for any help.

try looking at the other zillion threads on this issue

Turn off real time antivirus protection before running Cubase

I noticed that the other day . There’s no virus protection or internet on my machine

I appreciate the help but it’s not the antivirus or anything like that, I know better. But it’s real strange that if I open task manager and click on “Cubase 7 …not responding…” as if I was going to make it quit loading, it then jumps past the hung “midi” loading and “shazammm!!” Cubase continues loading and fast. There has to be a clue there but its beyond me as to what. It’s real embarrassing with clients here watching me load the DAW for them. I really do appreciate all the input though guys…

You probably have some troublesome 32-bit plugins. I suggest you don’t use Cubase’s built-in VSTBridge (which mostly sucks) but switch to jBridge (which is faster, more effective and takes less CPU power.) It only costs $20.

thanks for the ideas but still no help, I did contact jbridge and emailed and heard from joa. he didn’t think the newest jbridge would help but it was worth a try and I did but no help. so the plugins is not the issue, I don’t believe. the odd part is that it’s always “midi” that it hangs on when loading…and the only thing that seems to help (not for sure) is going to task manager and selecting “cubase no responding…” but not ending the task. I normally have to do that several times but then it’ll jump past midi immediately after shutting task manager and boot as it should. I believe there has to be a connection but its beyond me and it seems Steinberg isn’t interested. Brand new machine from PC Audio Labs with fastest processor available and 32gb ram, with no antivirus running. My interface is an MR816 with a CC121 so about everything is Steinberg and latest drivers. Sure would appreciate some help as clients sure get iratated with having to wait and wait when I need to reboot C7 for whatever reason. Thanks guys…