C7 too dark?

it is possible to change all the dark backgrounds of cubase 7? :nerd: :nerd:
I can not find anything in preference
You can correct colors of almost everything but for backgrounds?

if you can, please explain how I do
step by step


You can adjust that in preferences menu.

but which of the parameters, in preferences?

Under “appearance”…

Remember, for some of them, you need to restart C7 to see the change.

You can get the Project window as bright as 6.5 but the Mixer window is a different thing…

Yes, it’s a pity you have to restart to see the result. But at least I got it too look like some of the older Cubase versions, more blue and lighter. Only the new mixer doesn’t look so good. I sure hope they will change the appearance of the mixer to look more like tracs/control panels.

In fact, I would like to change the look of the mixer :nerd:

for everything else I’ve solved, although certain backgrounds are not customizable :bulb: