C7 used in my latest RMX :)

Take a listen, comment then vote & share if you like it…could always use the support!!

It’s a Dance RMX on the Electro tip. Used several plugins along w/both my Virus’
Could have gotten the mix a little tighter but didn’t have enough time.

But Overall, I’m pleased w/ the result on C7!

Clik the Pic :wink:
Thx !!


:nerd: Weapon (13PM Splice RMX!)[/u]**](http://awe.sm/aDCL9)

Excellent work! Was she singing what I think she was? :laughing: I know this is dance music, but you kind of lost me around the 2 minute mark, when she stopped singing and it was mostly rhythm. I like how you treated the vocal, especially how you alternated the single-track and double-tracking. Throughout I was kind of wanting some 16th-note rhythmic content – hi-hat, shaker, etc. – to propel the track. But that’s probably just due to being accustomed to that technique. I didn’t get the outro – ???

That was great - very impressive mixing and arranging. Very interesting to listen to the range of different mixes, I enjoyed most of the tracks.

Best of luck with the competition.


Thank you really appreciate that and thanx for taking the time to listen and reply!

lol, @ 2:mins…Yeah, it’s the style I try out, Cut up and manipulate the vocals into a rhythmic pattern, kinda like using them as an instrument.
afa the 16th note, that is mostly used in trance and certain styles of progressive house. This style is more about “the drop” which is where the song changes and the Kick is the dominant along with 1 or 2 instruments that pretty much take over the full spectrum and dynamics of the track. Outro is more for dj’s to mix…

Appreciate the listen, Hope you guys voted :wink: Thank you!!