C7 uses the last directory when the audio folder is absent

I’ve wondered if later versions do this.

When I specify a folder as the working directory for a (new) song, I don’t expect any previous projects folders to come into it, as that opens the door to overwriting.

Wondering now if the Cubase development engineers agree.


For every single new project, you have to specify a new folder.


Maybe I did not explain myself properly.

I am wondering if this is only a Windows thing, that once I have specified a folder; the Locate Folder function refers to a previous folder.


Do you mean when Audio file is missing?

Hi Martin,

I think so or when the directory has been removed.


I see, now I got it (hopefully). Do you mean, when the system window (like Open) appears? Then it is on the system level. Cubase cannot control it.

I think you understand, but how do we know it is a File System thing and not Cubase etc?

Then it’s system thing.

How do you know?

I just managed to get C8 Elements to crash on the fact a folder had disappeared.

Admittedly, I am using cloud storage but the archaic way that Cubase deals with File Management means this problem will likely only get worse.