C7 + Windows 8 gestures?

I was thinking of getting a new daw at some point, mac or pc. Now with Windows 8 we have finally decent options for gestures and with products like Logitech T650 trackpad (Magic trackpad copy) you could really speed up the workflow. However does Cubase 7 support two finger scrolling and pinch & zoom- like features and how do they work in everyday use? Any user experiences? Also I would like to hear user experiences on a mac and it’s gestures using Cubase. Is Cubase well optimized for touch?

Nobody used trackpad with Cubase?

Cubase has no particular support for trackpads, just what the sytem offers.

I posted a similar post recently. http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=175&t=32890

After having no response here, I contacted Steinberg directly who suggested I contact the trackpad manufacturer (will post an update if they ever respond).

I’ve found that some gestures work fine with Win7 / Cubase 7, however the sideways scrolling with several fingers to swipe across the main Cubase window, (which works fluidly on a Macbook) does not work for me on my Windows laptop.

Well, if you want the full Win 8 experience, you should definitely consider Sonar X2a. As far as I know, it’s the only DAW that fully supports multi-touch and gestures. Go see the video demos on their website. Impressive. Definitely the way of the future. Sonar was the first 64-bit DAW (and it would take their competitors a couple of years to catch up…) and now it’s the first fully touch-capable DAW. Definitely innovators.

For the record, I use both Sonar X2a and Cubase 7.0.2. Each one has strengths and weaknesses.


Cubase even Version 7 doesn’t really support multi-touch gestures, so the Logitech T650 is pretty useless for Cubase.
And it’s not a Problem of W8 or W7 it is the problem of Cubase (some other DAWS work perfectly). It’s like the window management, Cubase is completely outdated for every modern input method - Steinberg should really fix that soon!!!

Totally agree. Cubase 7 with the Sonar X2a windowing and full multi-touch ability would very nearly be the perfect DAW.