C7 works as expected...for now

I was reluctant to upgrade to what was said in this forum, panic, included myself with IlokV1, after finish a job with 6.5, I’ve upgrade to C7 and everything works as expected, I have no problems with iLok v1, Mediabay content works fine with presets and content, Halion Sonic SE Hybrid presets are not missing, all plugins that works in C6.5.3 not rejected in scanning, Padshop, Retrologue etc works fine…

In case anyone is interested i installed C6 in the simplest way (with the purpose of creating a system image with all ready to go in case of HDD problems), except the Core that is installed in
“C/Steinberg/Cubase 6”, all the rest of C6 installation go to default path, third-party plugins goes to

Updating Cubase 7 with “Cubase_7_Core_Installer_win”, followed by “Cubase_7_Update_Installer_win”, everything with default path except C7 Core, Cubase 7 goes to “C/Steinberg/Cubase 7”

I need to test more C7, but the “basic” works as expected, Keycommands and generic remote from C6 need tested tomorrow.

Good luck¡.