C8.0.3 and Ultrachannel

Hello all

Last night I finally got around to installing Eventide’s lovely Ultrachannel, which was offered free quite some time ago. I use both the 64bit and 32 bit versions of C8, in 64bit, everything works, the plugin’s GUI opens up fine, sounds great.

However, In C8 32bit, the plug is present in the manger and visible in the list of plugins to insert, but if you try to actually use it as an insert, the GUI will not open, and leaves the slot labeled in error (not at my machine currently, will edit this post later for what it says).

Its odd to me, because the installer placed both plugins in their respective VST directories as per spec, and there is no error when Cubase 8-32 boots up.

I read a few threads here about plugin on top issue and menus not functioning within this plugin and a few others, but this seems different. I’ve reinstalled a couple of times.

Wondering if anyone else has a hint on this… I don’t really want to trash prefs…