C8.5 Export Audio mixdown screen: File name not obeyed

In the Export → Audio mixdown I prefer typing in a filename. (Name field). Whatever name I type in there Cubase 8.5 reports it already exists. It tries to overwrite the last successful saved name I guess.

So far C8.5 seems to contain more than a lot of these usability things that together eat up a lot of production time.

It turns out the new c8.5 dnd attuibute naming system overrides what you type in as name, when you have attributes defined. When this dnd system is “in control” i.m.o the type in filename box shouldn’t be enabled.

Which brings me to the following: The new system works great however i can not easily postfix my project names anymore like: [projectname]_BackingVocalsOnly.mp3, [projectname]_GuideVersion.mp3 etc.