C8.5 hogs all asio strips if run first.

Hiya, On previous version of cubase 5 I used I could run, select asio strips I wanted cubase to take and use then run any other asio app and they used their asio strips and all worked fine.
With C8.5 I have to run other asio using programs first, even if cubase isn’t set to use the strips it’s still hogging them.
It is a pain when having to save a project, exit out just to load another program first so it grabs it’s aiso strips, then loading cubase which then won’t take them.

You might be thinking maybe his got them selected in the device setup but ya can see form the image I’m not.
Also not sure if it is a 64bit thing or cubase thing but cubase used to pull in the asio strip names auto but isn’t now, I have to manually name them.

I moved the strips past the range of 1 to 8 asio channels helps to stop cubase taking exclusive control, although if you load a project using old channels, even if they are not activated in device, you have to still remove them from the vst connections to release them to other software.