C8.5 Render in no place?


A problem I know someone can resolve.

On my PC I record midi direct from a factory pre-set from inside my external keyboard onto a midi track in C8.5. It is not an instrument track. RiP does not render to create the audio track, there is no track at all : but I see it will render if I open an instrument track [from, say, Halion or similar]

Am I snookered or will I have to convert midi to audio in the way before RiP was incorporated ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


You have highlighted the midi part (on the midi track) and tried to render it?

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Yes, I highlighted it by left-clicking on the midi track and put the markers at the beginning and end of the recording.
A mystery? I thought it only worked on instrument tracks but thought again it should be universal. It’s just midi and it shouldn’t make a difference how it got there. Perhaps I could make a direct approach to steinberg.

Thanks for your reply. Maybe someone else might chip in.


It doesn’t make any difference how it got there…it’s where it goes from there that matters.

Midi is data…no sound. Render in Place can only make audio from an associated instrument…your midi track has no associated instrument as far as Cubase is concerned (even though the midi may be playing your keyboard it’s just a midi output to Cubase and it can’t relate it to any particular input.)

You actually can RIP a hardware instrument (in realtime only) by setting it up as a Cubase External Instrument and loading to an instrument track just like you would a vsti.


Thank you. Are you saying that if I can get Cubase to recognise my external keyboard (Korg Oasys) as an external keyboard/instrument, I should be OK along your lines. I think that’s what you mean but I wasn’t sure.


You just need to set it up. Read the manual section or Google to learn how to set up Cubase “External Instruments”

I’m on my way