C8.5 VCA/Link bug?

Been working on a mix for a few hours, saved the project, took a break and came back, reloaded the project and every channel i have assigned to VCAs appears to be dead, as in no audio… i remove the link from those channels affected and voila… audio returns!!!

Anyone else had this?

OK so i restarted my machine, after trying a cubase restart and still the same issue… removed all the VCAs but kept the links i’d set up and the problem went… weird!

There’s been a number of comments about this issue in 8.03; the key point being it was difficult to reproduce. I haven’t tried this yet in 8.5.


Have the same issue in C8.5 (used to happened in 8.0.3)
Restart the program fixed it.
But I believe that this should be addressed.

same thing happended in 8.0.3 indeed, now in 8.5 aswell, but for me restarting cubase / pc didn’t help, only removing the VCA faders + restart cubase helps