C8.5 virtual instruments output issues

just opened couple of projects made in cubase 8, and on some VSTi the output volume is gone on some of the VSTi outputs.
mostly with GA4 and SE also Halion 5…(maybe others to, i didnt checked yet)

in some cases moving the MC fader of specific VSTi output it helped,in some it did not.
some voices in H5 are present some are silent (all strings from HSO and some H5 strings,i see the volume signal on H5 and GA4 inside the VSTi output meter )
some of my own user sampled voices are ok some are silent.
i checked all routing and they are ok… the strange thing is that the built in analyzer in eq section is moving and shows activity,but there is no meter signal or sound on the problematic channels/tracks in MC.

in cubase 8 it’s all good.
does anybody else has this ?

Its kined of solved now,after few computer restarts… Since then its OK. Hope it wont do that again.

I’m having the same problem in 8.5 like I had in 7.5 after the update from 6.5 to 7.5. The playback of tracks stop randomly and after some time they play again. I had to wait month for 7.5.3 update, because this update solved the problem. 7.5.1 and 7.5.2 didn’t solve it.

Alot of other users reported the same problem in 7.5 as you can read in the forum. I’m really not happy to see this in 8.5 again, because it’s kind of useless to work with this software, if the playback stops.

Does anybody else have this problem, I’m sure there is?

I will have this happen sometimes with instrument tracks which are disabled and then -re-enabled. there’s no output!
If I press solo you can hear the output but then it goes away again when taking solo off…
I find muting then un-muting of the channel sometimes fixes the issue.

That’s what I had in 7.5.0. with muted tracks which didn’T play when I unmuted them.
In 8.5 they start to stop playing randomly, doesn’t matter if they are muted or not and when I click on the track they start playing again.

I reinstalled windows 7 prof and installed all updates. Installed cubase and all plugins again in hope it would solve the issue … but unfortunately it didn’t. The output still sometimes stops. :imp: