C8 8.0.20 Midi notes transpose by themselves

I’ve got 6 instrument tracks loaded, each with an instance of Halion Sonic SE, and each with
a different horn patch loaded. I’m recording some horn parts to use as backing tracks for live playing.
They’re simple parts, and it’s been going well, but suddenly one or two of the tracks are playing
a half step low, which, as you can imagine, sounds horrible.

In the midi editor, the notes that I played are still as I played them, an A note in the editor still appears as an A note,
but a G# is what plays.

There is no pitchbend or modulation data on the midi tracks which might be causing this.

When I highlight the midi event, then check ‘global transpose’ on the info line, it doesn’t matter whether I set it to ‘follow’ or ‘independent’, I get the same result.I have no key chosen as the root key (-). Transpose is set to 0.
I’m forced to revert back to a previously saved version, then everything is ok - but after some more work it started doing this again. I can’t seem to get this project finished.
Any suggestions?

I can’t think what could be causing this, but does it retain its pitch if you reload the preset for each of the offending instances?

Good idea, Vic - but I just tried it and that didn’t work either. :confused:

… and if you actually create a new Instrument track in its place?

I have exactly the same problem with Cubase 8.0.20 (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit)

In a project of about 50 tracks, some have started transposing by is 3 semitones. e.g. Press a G on a MIDI keyboard or play a G in the song, and a Bb sounds. All transpose settings (global, track, Kontakt etc. are zero). In one case a problem happened between making two different mix downs - no editing whatsoever of the tracks was done.

Once a track/event has gone bad there is no recovering it. Notes can be pasted into a new event which seems to fix the problem temporarily.

However as with Lenny Lee, other tracks start going wrong after a while. My project is now unworkable. This is the worst Cubase bug I ever remember. :frowning:

I am using various sample libraries in Kontakt.

Steinberg: Please comment.