C8 Audio Export Crash @ 256 with VEPRO

Using a beefy PC, Win 7 64-bit, 32-bit Cubase, Madixtreme. Cubase 7 has been rock-solid.

Issue with C8:


If I export audio with VEPRO loaded, C8 attempts to bounce, then crashes.

If I export audio without VEPRO loaded, it bounces fine. No crash.

If I do a realtime bounce with VEPRO loaded, it bounces fine. No crash.

AT 512 BUFFER SETTING (ASIO-Guard: Normal, Activate Power Scheme and Multi-Processing)

Bouncing audio is possible without crashes, but if I adjust any of the settings (namely ASIO-Guard), it’ll crash C8 when exporting audio.

512 buffer is not a huge deal, but I’ve been working at 256 for years. At 512, I can feel the latency.

The bugs in this release makes me a bit wary of using C8 for a new project. I don’t want to be neck-deep in a track and come across a bug that forces a time-consuming workaround or worse, abandoning the track altogether.

If you can iron out these issues ASAP, C8 will be AMAZING. Render-in-place and auto fade in/out was enough for me to purchase this. Outstanding work.

Me too! Obviously no other responses. I just upgraded to C8 and this is a big bummer…Hopefully there are some fixes around the corner??

Maybe this AsioGuard related issue?