C8 doesnt close properly, must force close in task manager!

Does anyone else have this problem? :angry:

I feel like 99% of the time that I try to close C8 properly in W7 x64, it HANGS. I’ve tried both the “Quit” and X buttons, and closed all Projects FIRST before closing C8. It just sits there frozen, and none of the buttons (File, Edit, Project, etc) will work. In “Task Manager” it says that C8 is “Not Responding” and I have to click “End Process” to get it to close. At times I’ve had to even click “End Process” multiple times!!

This concerns me. Besides the inconvenience of having to force close every time, it seems to not be saving certain parameters that I’ve set (like Windows Layout), and I have to constantly set them again every time I restart. It also never remembers the most recent projects I’ve worked on, which slows workflow down and has become an annoyance.

There are certain properties that programs typically save while shutting down properly, and I’m certain Cubase is no exception. I don’t like it and it rattles my trust in C8.

I’ve had this problem since upgrading from C6.5 to C8.00 and am now on 8.0.2. I don’t have this issue with any other programs.

Any ideas? Anyone else have this issue? I’d really like to get this fixed! :mrgreen:

Incompatible plugins will definately cause this…

Other users have this problem.

But I have never read about any user who experiences this problem with only stock Cubase plug-ins.

I think process of elimination is your best solution. Move every 3rd party plug-in somewhere else. Start Cubase in safe mode. If that closes correctly start in normal mode. If it still hangs, I would re-install Cubase. If it closes correctly after moving all your 3rd party plug-ins, then you have discovered the problem rests with one of those.

Now the time consuming part starts since you have to determine which plug-in is the culprit.

I’m not saying this is the solution, but that would be my first step based on experience.

Good luck!