C8 Elements have send teturn FX tracks?

I want to instal hardware inserts.
I was told skip my mixers built in send return.
Instead create FX tracks?
But Im not sure if you can use hardware sends in cubase elements?

Iv had cubase dating back to Atari so im ok with using it however this is my first rack of effects.

No, there is not this Kind of buses in Cubase Elements (External FX). In Cubase Elements, there are Inputs and Outputs only in the VST Connections.

thanks for the help.

Can I route the inputs and outs to external gear for hardware processing?
Iv never had hardware so confused.

thank you

Yes, you can. Add new Out Bus in the VST Connections > Outputs, and route the track (where you want to apply the HW effect) to this Output Bus. Then Add new Input Bus in the VST Connections. Add new Audio track, and set newly created Input Bus as an Input.

wow iv resorted to random clicking now.
Is there anything you can see wrong in the photo?

In the mixer I cant really get the routing to work. Only sound to stereo out from the instrument.

IS what im looking for in channel settings?
Iv had cubase for 20 years but never hardware :blush: :blush: :blush:

From which Audio track do you want to send the signal to the HW FX? If I expect, the Audio 02 is the one, then you have to route the Output of Audio 02 to the ADA HW FX. You should’t connect ADA Input and ADA Output on the same Channel, with Monitor On. This would create a Feedback.

Btw: In Cubase Pro, there is a dedicated External FX Bus, which make it much more easier.

i sold my cubase 7.5 intending to get 8 and the money got screwed over so I have to start fresh.
Working on the demo now of elements.

I think I should go back to waves delay and get more work done yes? :mrgreen:
I could keep the ADA for something bar room live with my mini moog.
By the way is their a way to remove that top bar when you close down cubase mine has this top bar but no project and it wont shut down in windows 10.

thank you for the help.

To be honest, I’m not using HW effects for many years, already. :slight_smile: It’s much more comfortable to use plug-ins. And I’m doing much more mistakes in the mixing, than HW effect could rescue. :slight_smile:

Yes, of course, you should be able to close the most top menu-bar. This is in fact the Cubase application itself. If you close just the project window, only the project is closed. You should be able just click to the red “X” on the right-corner.

Or what happens, if you use Quit from File menu?

I would recommend to create a new thread, for this.

Btw: Windows 10 is not officially supported system yet.