C8 frustrations - I made a list!

I recently finished up a project with a tight deadline and was so frustrated with C8 that I wrote up a list. Perhaps I might end up breaking these down into separate posts, but:

1. Why can’t Cubase export specifically to the specified regions?? SOLVED
Cubase adds space or cuts off my audio on export, so I have to import it into Wavosaur (a FREE audio editor) to add my fades and make sure my beginnings and ends are correct. This is extremely important for one shot SFX.

2. Media Bay: Why can’t this read metadata? Basehead or Soundminer cost $400 plus, Media Bay really doesn’t need to add many more features to compete.

3. Volume inconsistency: Sometimes when I re-import a sample that I’ve mastered at -0.3db, it plays back at a louder volume ie over .0db EDIT Oxford Limiter on Master Bus is greyed out but not bypassing.

4. Audio-Processing Load doubles: I’ll be working on a project with no problems and then re-load it the next day and the ‘Audio-Processing Load’ will have doubled. This happens 5 out of 10 times where it leaves me with stuttering audio that was not there the last time I saved.

5. Steinberg Plugin Knobs don’t turn: I can’t tweak any of the Steinberg plugin knobs. The only way is if I scroll up and down on the number value.

Apologies to sound like a total whiner but these are just the main issues that really slowed me down when working under pressure. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

Also, I can’t tweak any of the Steinberg plugin knobs. The only way is if I scroll up and down on the number value.

Anyone else experiencing this?

  1. Export. I do not have any problems with Cubase changing or limiting my export settings. It gives me just what I ask.
  2. Media Bay. I choose not to use Media Bay. I find it quite hopeless and the only thing in CB8 I do not love. I have made my own database in FileMaker. Works better for me, especially on things outside the Sternberg world. Took an awful lot of time but to me it was worth it.
  3. Louder after mastering. Strange problem. Never experienced that. Please describe the export and import sequence.
  4. Load. Load seems to be popping up once a week on the forum and there does not seem to be any constancy. Some people have large problems with it, others do not. I have very little problems with it. However I have never heard about it changing on reload and going from no problem to problem. Do you use heavy 3. party pluggs?

If you cannot tweak there is definitely something wrong. Have you tried a clean install?

Thanks for your feedback Rumdrum.

  1. Export SOLVED! After further trouble shooting, it looks like iZotope Ozone on the master channel was adding .05 of a second to the start of all exports, ruining all my locator points. Select ‘Enable delay compensation’ in options, and now works a treat.

  2. Media Bay: FileMaker… looks interesting, still not sure how it works. Media Bay is basic but I think the key is refining by ‘omitting’ words from your search results. Just wish it could read my libraries metadata that’s all.

  3. Louder after mastering: Looking into this further, my master bus bypass is not turning off one of my plugins (even though it has been greyed-out). All of the other master bus plugins are bypassing except for the Oxford Limiter Native. Anyone had this problem?

  4. Audio-Processing Load doubles: A project I created yesterday has suddenly today doubled in Processing Load and is no longer playable… this is becoming a regular occurrence where I’ll have to abandon a project. Yes I use a whole bunch of 3rd party plugins. I have tried deactivating each one, one at a time but I cannot seem to narrow it down to the main culprit here. Any other ideas for trouble shooting 3rd party plugins?

  5. Knobs don’t turn: A fresh install and still no go. Knobs work fine in 32bit C8… any ideas anyone?

A huge thanks again in advance!

Yes, I have this exact same issue. I can only adjust Steinberg plugin knobs with the scroll wheel on my mouse. Knobs on plugins from other vendors work fine.