C8 halts randomly, with AsioGuard and Lynx ASIO

Hi I posted this before, but now I have a new finding: These happen with AsioGuard enabled and Lynx AES-16e ASIO interface. When I use my ESI Maya22 Usb card, there is no problem at all. I uninstalled all Lynx stuff and reinstalled the drivers, nothing changed.

The problem is :

When I’m adding a track, or deleting one, I get these random halts about up to 1 min long… and after the waiting is over, all is back to normal. There’s no crash, no anything.

Sometimes the same thing happens when I delete an insert plugin, or send.

How to reproduce it :1. Open empty project (Check that ASIO is set to Lynx, AsioGuard enabled)
2. Add audio track (sometimes I get the freeze here)
3. Add group track (most of the time I get freeze here)
4. Add or delete tracks
5. In about a few random adding or deleting tracks, I have Cubase frozen.


Hi sonic74,

this sounds more like a drivers issue and not a Cubase issue, so I’m moving it to the Misc. Please contact Lynx Studio about this.


Me too, on Windows 7 with RME Fireface 800. Only it’s a random freeze, during recording or playback. Nothing in particular sets it off.

IMHO, most probably something is wrong with the new Asio Guard.