C8 new Install - 5588 Files Missing


I finally took the decision to upgrade from C7 to C8 Pro.

I installed the downloaded 9,1 GB setup + the update to version 8.0.30 + the accoustic agent setup/fix.

I Installed those as a admin in Windows 7 Pro 64 Bits.

When I try to load the Steinberg Demo “8 Good Reasons” there are 5588 files shown to be missing (see attachment).

Why can such kind of normal installation not work? This is so frustrating and time consuming.

Can anybody help please ?

Your attachment is missing…

Regards :sunglasses:

Sorry… here it is
Missing Files C8.PNG

Did you ever get this to work? Does Cubase start other projects normally?

The demo does not have 5588 files associated with it. Maybe 15 to 20 .wav audio files. That’s it.

Hopefully you were able to open one of your projects using CB 8.0.30.

  • If yes, then my guess is that somehow the demo download was not properly completed. Or maybe it got corrupted somehow during the unzipping process.
  • If no, are you sure you downloaded the correct demo file for CB Pro 8, not CB Artist 8. Also, are you sure all of the sound content that came with CB Pro 8 was installed too?

Regards :sunglasses: