C8 Odd dynamics insert behaviour -plugin loads disabled

Hi All,

Having a very odd time with inserting any of the Cubase dynamic plugins - projects will load with any of these plugins (mainly maximiser and multiband dyn) disabled and no way to enable them or drop-down and remove them (see pic). Adding any non-dynamics plugins works fine.
Thinking it might be a corrupt project file, I created a new blank project - inserted maximiser - same thing.

Anyone else had this?


Try holding down the ALT key and click, does that work ?

Disable “constrain delay compensation”, or raise its threshold.

Thanks Svennilenni - I had “constrain delay compensation” on to make realtime playing of vstis more responsive:that did it (and big apologies for not spotting both responses sooner!). I was not aware of the link between this setting and the master channel plugins being forcibly disabled.