C8 on Win 8.1 Install Fail - Start Center then nothing

I am trying to install 8 on Win 8.1 64 bit from a dl of the full install from my steinberg and failing every time. Here’s whats happening:

  • I extract the download and click on start center within the extracted directory.

  • Splash screen opens and I click English.

  • Click Install button on next screen the button which turns to “launching installer” the window closes

  • Steinberg Installation updated open with options to search for updates or install from local

  • Menu Screen the comes up with two options - Yes, search for updates or No, install from locally available,

  • If I click Yes, a preparing to update screen with progress bar appears and utlimately gives me option for install 32 or 64 bit. - If click install 64 bit (as is my system) and updater progress window appears for 5 seconds, disappears and nothing happens.

  • Alternatively, if I click No, local at earlier screen the window disappears and again nothing happens.

I figured I would click into the Cubase 8 for Windows directory and there are two applications there Setup and Updater which I believe are being called by Setup app on previous dir level. If I click Setup app directly again nothing happens but if I click Updater it runs before failing like before. I have tried running both as administrator as well even though my user is already one.

I can click on the actual installers there which launches set up but when I did this I ended up with an install that was missing additional content.

I should mention that I helped a friend install their C8 from full download on 8.1 this week and everything ran and installed as expect so it is my machine. which is only used for studio so shouldnt really be anything conflicting.

Anyone else seen this or have thoughts?

I had the same problem with Win7-64. I found a work-around. It’s a painus in the anus, but it worked.

In the directory Cubase 8\Cubase 8 for Windows, run the Cubase8_64bit.msi installer directly.
This will install the main program, but not the included VST instruments. :frowning:

To install the instruments, go to the Additional Content\VST Sound directory and run the msi installers from there. I made an extra directory named “done” where I put each ot the msi files after finishing so I would not lose my place.

I also copied the 2 Groove Agent ONE files into the VST3 directory where all of the synths live (I think it’s Program Files\Steinberg\VST3 but I’m not 100% as I’m at a different machine now).

I tested all of the synths and amazingly enough, they all worked.

Good luck.

Is your win8 updated ? I had a similar problem once, it turned out to be .NET needed an update.

Make sure you always fully update Windows before installing a new version of a major app.

I always image the developers are making the build and installer on the very latest version of the OS there
developing for.