C8 Pro: Best Cubase ever?

I am super happy C8 so far!

-The new windows/workspace system brilliant, worth the upgrade alone!
-Render in place is finally there.
-The Plugins Manager is super nice.
-New Chord Pads is excellent.
-Plus all other small details that have been addressed

Good work Steiny!!


CP8.05 is just superb on my system, so stable and fast.

The VCA’s are brilliant.

Every new feature is truly excellent, I honestly couldn’t be happier.

My only request now is undo for the mixer :slight_smile:

+1 can confirm that

Well apart from the erratic click - the impossible drop-down menus in most vst’s - the non functioning MCU - the text issue - mixer width not being remembered.

I can report that everything is peachy. Now remind me when is the next overdue update?

Major +1!

IF they get rid of silly hovering thing everywhere on the mixer/inspector then yes, it’s the best version yet, otherwise no, 6.5 is the best (for speed of use and reliability).

Nope, it’s not.
There is none.
With every fix something else is broken.
With every enhancement, something useful is taken away.

Still the best around … but for how long …


Yeh there are quite a few new bugs which has dented my initial optimism in 8, main ones are the menu disappearing completely, problems with plugin input e.g. BFD3 menus do not work at all, too much real estate taken up with borders on the windows (and if you reduce them in the control panel Cubase does not take it into account when saving the project) etc. Lots of small niggles, no major ones to be fair

I have to say that it would be THE best if not for all the crashes. When it works, it works great. But I cannot work with confidence in it. I’ve tried everything suggested. Waiting for support to reply with anything they might find in the crash dump files i sent them. Changed my theme back to classic and went back to 7.5. Now Im back to a rock solid system again. Its a shame. Hope I can get this squared away asap. But like another poster said, usually something is broken when something else is added or fixed. Since Cubase SX3, this is the first time Cubase has ever been unreliable for me.

So I guess the answer is that it could well be the best version of Cubase ever if they finished it.

So I would say Steinberg needs to man up and tell us when the next update is due and what will be fixed.
If it is not the click and the menus I will be very unhappy.