C8 recorded project crashes on both C8 and C7 RESOLVED


Whenever I try to open this project that was done a week ago on C8, it crashes. I had no issues with it last week but today it crashes. Tried opening it in 7.5 but it still crashes. I’ve gotta say that im one of the lucky ones who hardly ever since SX3 has had crash issues so this is all new to me. I have all the crash dump files in my document but have no clue what good it is to me. Any ideas? Also, i remember a software that you can run on a project to preview what plugins where used on it but I dont remember the name of it. Anyone know? Thanks!

So…I noticed Cubase would hand on one particular track whenever it would crash. I sent the project to a friend with Cubase and it opened on his end. I asked what plugins were on the track and Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack was on that track. I uninstalled it and it now loads up without a problem. Weird that I never had this issue and been running C8 for over a week with a few sessions running VMR but never had this problem. I reinstalled the latest version of VMR, loaded it into the project again and C8 crashed. Tested on Studio One and VMR crashed my Studio One. Opened up Pro Tools and it crashed my Pro Tools. SOOOOO…guess i’ll be contacting Slate. Move along…nothing to see here… :arrow_right: