C8 Serious Sync Problem

Please, guys, check this small sequence:


It´s from a C7.5 project loaded in C8. I started recording after playing the project about 1:30, audio goes totally out of sync as the project plays (drums are MIDI, check the click).

At 0:20 of the above recording, I stop and play the project, it syncs, but slowly goes out of sync again. As I stop and play again, it resyncs.

Tried disabling preferences, different latencies, ASIO Guard On/Off, nothing changes. The project uses a tempo track that was created based on a live performance, so that could be one factor for devs to check.

Don´t need to say C8 is unusable at this state. Anyone else seen this behaviour?


I´ll bump this because it´s a real showstopper.

This is clearly something related to your setup and is not the norm so there shouldn’t be any fear of this being a “showstopper”. I’ve already completed 4 rather complex projects using C8 with the only major bug being related to using a MCU Control Surface. C8 for me is more stable than 7.5 and uses less of my computer’s resources thanks to the new ASIO Guard. Not sure what your issue is. It could be something’s not compatible in the project when played in 8.0. Could it be that you are changing the tempo from the original and it’s not setup properly and your’re time stretching some tracks and not others? Does this issue happen with new projects?

You need to do a bit more troubleshooting to isolate if it is a global issue with your setup or just project related. Also having your complete specs in your signature is a time saver because it’s one question less that people have to ask when trying to help…