C8 user interface corruption SOLVED

Everything is backwards or non-functional!
I’ve been using C8 for a month and it has been stable until today. I opened a project that I had worked on yesterday and found there were serious interface problems so I closed it, opened C8 in safe mode to eliminate a preference problem and created/started a new project. What happened in my project happens in the new project.
A. Click on E of the Stereo Out and Channel Settings window opens. In the center section the Channel Strip is visible which is unusual because it seems like the Equalizer is the default.
B. Click on Equalizer tab and it is highlighted but the Channel Strip is still visible where the frequency analyzer should show.
C. Click on Channel Strip tab and the frequency analyzer appears and is frozen when audio is present.
D. Click on Equalizer tab and the channel strip becomes visible.
E. Click on any other tab in the Channel Settings window (such as Inset vs. Strip or Sends vs. Cue Sends) and the alternative option is chosen.
…and there is more.
None of the tabs work/open in the Project Inspector and the choice there of Inspector vs. Visibility shows the opposite.
In the Mixer(s) when hover over channel tab to expand/see the Sends for example the cursor turns to a hand and clicking does nothing.

If anybody has experience with this/these problems and possible solutions I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.
Uninstalling and reinstalling is not a task to look forward to. I doesn’t address the root cause either. A month of stable use with probably 20-30 different projects worked on and now this. It is not a project specific problem but a C8 problem that has developed.

This one really had me worried. I’ve never seen such strange behavior in all my years using Nuendo 1 through Cubase 8
My sincerest apologizes to Steinberg in erroneously concluding the issue was with Cubase 8. It was not.

After writing my initial request for any user help I tried troubleshooting further:
Reinstalled C8. Same problems.
Found that NVidia and just released a new GeForce 660 driver so I updated. No change.
Created a new project in Cubase 7.5 and 7.0. Same problem. BIG CLUE.
Ran C8 with the generic ASIO driver (my audio interface - RME UFX with driver 12 26 2014 TURNED OFF) and normal behavior was back.
Rolled back the RME UFX to 1.59. Everything runs normal.
The newest RME driver worked fine for a week and then it didn’t. The symptoms I was experiencing (seemingly the UI) didn’t point towards the UFX but now I know. I’ll re-download and will retry the newer UFX driver at some point but I am relieved to say the least my system is back.
PS. The cursor turning to a hand in the Mixer is the normal behavior.
I’ve used RME audio interfaces since Nuendo 1 and have never had any issue ever. They have some of the best drivers and the problem I encountered could have been somehow created by the download or something with my system.

Follow up. System ran fine for a day. Today I downloaded and installed again latest driver and after the mandatory reboot which took about thirty times longer than usual I open device manager to check the driver version. Device manager was unstable ie. flickered and wouldn’t allow scrolling. Luckily I could drag the window larger to access RME UFX and I went back to earlier driver again. Reboot and all is well for past eight hours.

Presumably you have contacted RME? I wonder what their response was.
I am interested as I have a new computer on the way and use a Fireface UC.

I have the exact same issues with my Windows 8.1 laptop and an Echo Firewire audio interface.
I have not been able to fix it. I have tried several versions of the driver, reinstalled Cubase. Upgraded to v8.0.5. I will be running Reaper on that computer for now :open_mouth:
If I get the time I will create a screen video to show what happens (or not happens). It is quite strange.

I just had a similar issue with not being able to open the track inspector. Updated 8.0 to 8.05 - no change. Did a system restore from a week or so ago and voila - back to normal. I think a recent Windows update is at the root of this.

Resetting the preferences (https://www.steinberg.net/nc/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/safe-start-mode-resetting-the-cubase-preferences.html) actually seems to have fixed the problem.
Did not try this earlier, I just reinstalled Cubase without luck.