C8Pro is actually not a stable program for me, it turns out.

Unfortunately I’m experiencing the same:( I wonder when cubase will be able to be a great stable daw.
Something I would like to see is also a list of PC parts recommended by steinberg to have less problems as possible.

Cubase has never been able to switch between large projects, for me.

The “large project, many plugins” issues are clearly deep and persistent. I would not expect this is improved in 8.10.

I’ll wildly speculate that it’ll require drastic architecture changes. It feels like a v9 thing to me.

I suspect there are just too many more solvable bugs to squash in the v8 life-cycle. The architecture changes I suspect need to happen would put those in jeopardy.

If I’m right about any of this, then I think it would be the responsible choice to work out all the niggling little bugs in v8 before the big stuff.

In the meantime, we just have to bounce audio and give up some of the plugins that cause problems when memory footprints get large.

For me, unfortunately, that all Waves, Softube and Izotope plugins right now (on my large projects).

Fortunately, I have many other plugins that will get the job done that will work in the large projects.

It certainly has made a compelling case of “plan b redundancy” for my large plugin collection. :smiley:

I’m done fighting Cubase, I’m just gonna roll with the punches and throw money at the problem (purchase different plugins by other vendors, if required, when required).

I’ve switched DAWs about 4 times in the last few years. I don’t have the strength to do it again.

Cubase, and all her flaws, wins. :laughing:

Someday, when I can use all my plugins in Cubase, on large projects, it’s going to feel like I’ve won the lottery.

That said, I do miss me some Softube.

Switching between projects means shutting down and rebooting Cubase because of the tendency for Cubase to hold on to RAM. It is one of the issues that I hope will be addressed in the next update.

Hey Guys, I’m also in trouble with certain plugins on large projects. Jalcide, which plugins you would say are “safe” for 100+ tracks projects?


Though unscientific, there seems to be little consensus, in this regard, so I’ll just share my experience on my system.

That said, Waves do have known issues with larger plugin counts that even Waves support will admit (as of this time of writing).

I’m having issues in large Cubase projects (10G+) with mainly Waves, iZotope and Softube.

In these same troubled sessions, plugins that are working (filling the void) are Slate Digital, Plugin Alliance, Sound Toys, U-He and Native Instruments.

This is just with a couple projects that are, admittedly, derivatives of each other, and on my particular system – though I have gone to great lengths to keep the system clean and it’s for DAW use only.

I don’t have an exhaustive list yet, but will update my other post once I do:


And, with any luck, Cubase 8.0.20 might improve this. It will be easy to test, I’ll know right away, as the crashes are highly repeatable.