C9.5 ALL new features listed


Very nice!

Pre-/Post- Insert slots
I would just clarify the Pre-/Post-Fader coloring. In the previous Cubase versions, there was different color for Pre-Fader in the Insert slots (blue) and in the Sends (green). Since Cubase 9.5 these colors are synced. So all Pre-effects are blue now. What could be a bit confused right now, because for a most of the users the Sends become green since Cubase 9.5, because they are Post- by default.

Regarding the Pre-/Post-, there is also another way, how to set the Pre-/Post divider in the Insert slots.You can right-click to the Insert slot, and select Set as last Pre-Fader Slot from the pop-up menu. This way could by much faster then try to click to the tiny green divider line. This is useful especially in the MixConsole if you have Fixed Number of Slots disabled, which is by default.

Nice feature in this area is also the text, which is shown, when you mouse over the Insert slots. Now you can see the Insert slot number, and also if this slot is Pre or Post, as a text.

Render Signature Track

at Project > Signature Track you can render the metronome sound as a MIDI file or an audio file

This is not true. You don’t export it as a file (especially MIDI), but you put it to a new track as a MIDI data or Audio signal.

Direct Offline Processing
The biggest advantage is, it’s processed immediately (when the Auto Apply is enabled, which is by default). So you can hear the result immediately with the focus on the event only (if you Preview in the Direct Offline Process window) or in the whole project context (if you playback the project). This wasn’t possible in the older Offline Process version.

Input/Output Channels in the Project window

Stereo Out will be always available in the Track section, with direct access to R/W automation, all its effect settings

No, you can Hide it, and you can also Remove it. It’s just shown by default when you create a new project.


  1. Thanks for the right click trick on the pre/post… it is faster and easier indeed!

I did not use the word “export”, you used it. Rendering the metronome as MIDI and audio signal is correct I think.

OK, you render it to the project. So Render in Place. :wink: You are right, sorry.

HI, I get a terrible glitch at the beginning of the render the Audio click of the Signature track. After the initial glitch, it’s fine. I guess I could just start sooner and cut the glitch but…