C9.5 and Mackie Controls


I have a Mackie Control Universal Pro.

When i run the mixer in cubase window i have 8 stereo drum tracks (groove agent) and 8 Halion tracks.

Stangely on the Mackie when i Up the Banks per 8, there are more tracks in between showing (looks like the whole mixer in cubase with the hidden tracks). Anyway the Mackie show way more stereo tracks when i switch banks Up or Down (8 at a time), how do i get rid of the Mackie more stereo tracks showing, then as i need it as the Cubase Mixer is… I think the Mackie is also showing Audio tracks i have on the lanes of cubase, i dont need them on the Mackie to show up.

I know this should be working, i had it working on more project. Just this an SX3 converted project and is now running in C9.5 with 8 Tracks Groove Agent and 8 Tracks Halion. How do i get the same configuration of mixer tracks as in Cubase?

Did you use mixer 1 in cubase ? cause mackie control only works with this one

You can hide channel types in the mixer

I kind of know the Mixer 1 (or main field of cubase is used for the mackie).
Alltough i have hidden all tracks in the Mixer 1 that i do not need to see, i have 16 tracks in total visible on the mixer 1.
The mackie shows ALL tracks, so actually is not corresponding to mixer 1 at all, do i miss out on something here ?

Well i am sure i wil find out later, i worked with Mackie under C6 and that was allright. Just getting used to C95 and Halion 6, Groove Agent 4. So i left the Mackie sitting there. Maybe i will figure this out later.

To me what i find out that the MCu is doing the channels alike what i have in the Main Window, also per 8 tracks on the mackie show in cubase 8 white block infront of the part (ie 8 parts or tracks are selected for the mackie. Jumping fader banks will more the white block in cubase 8 down. So i found out right now it is not actually looking at the mixer 1 window. The mackie looks at the cubase main arranger window and follows the channels that are on that. That is ok. I know now how it works and i setup cubase to have 8 drum tracks and 8 instrument tracks, so for the mackie that works best for me.
Though i have to change visibility in cubase channels to get it right on the mackie…

Though worked for i while with the mackie, the obivious speed is the controls of play rewind etc and the knob scrolling trough audio. Also the mute solo buttons are welcome. In fact the controller gives so much more enjoyment then clicking on the mouse, and you can see cubase is reacting very well on the MCU protocol. I do not know why they say jumpy faders, though they are loud when they move, actually that does not bother you know when they move. For everybody using cubase with out a controller, think of a controller like the mackie. I know some say the mouse is all they do, i say a controller makes life easyer and is way more mixing fun and feels connected to cubase better.

Very strange.

Do you have Mixer 1 and the Arrange windows visibility synced?

I do not.

My MCUs definitely follow Mixer 1, except that they never show Input channels - which is how I like it.

Also, by using Shift with the Bank Buttons you can have it move 1 channel at a time. Shift again, back to 8.


Eh yes, it is not a big problem i can switch of the visibility of the instrument or drum tracks in midi. But i created 8 drum tracks and 8 Instruments tracks extra in the main window that is my mixer view below. So i have 8 drum stereo tracks and 8 Instrument tracks in the mixer with afther that 4 effects returns 4 main mix (that all channels lead to) and at the end the Master. I switched off all inputs. The instrument tracks are like 12 tracks in the beginning, i lead then to the 8 instrument mixer tracks. Funny is the mixer 1 below shows my system of working 8 drums, 8 ins, 4 effect, 4 mix and the master. The mackie shows 12 instrument midi tracks, (witch are not in the mixer visible) and the 8 drums, 8 ins, 4 effect, 4 mix and the master. So i cannot say my mackie follows the setup of mixer1 exactly, because the mackie right now shows what i have in the main window, not what is in mixer1.
Maybe i dont do something right, i just not found exactly out how this worlks yet, hahahahah :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Also, by using Shift with the Bank Buttons you can have it move 1 channel at a time. Shift again, back to 8.

Thanks for that! I needed this because i have two channels i wanted to edit of follow on the mackie, but i needed to switch banks up and down. Now i can have them both on the display.

Ok i found out that the mixconsole1 is the mackie mixer setup. But with the new cubase 9 layout the mixer first below the main field is the mixer i am working with. When i see the main mixer and main, i see the correct mixer. When i open the arrow up and make that mixer big window, it is the mixconsele1 mixer. Strange to me is they change, so in fact i am working with the main mixer of cubase below, when i open up this mixer to view mixconsole1 the layout of the mixer changed and contains more tracks then i want. And that is what i see in the mackie, i can change visibiliti of parts tracks etc, so i can work with the mackie how i like it. To me this means i constantly when working with the mackie change the visibility.